Carmen Burtea

Carmen Burtea - President, Sectorial Committee for Agriculture, Fish Farming and Fisheries of Romania.

Carmen Burtea is licensed in economy, commerce and international law, with a master degree in human resources. She is a licensed trainer and known speaker in the business and entrepreneurial environment. 

Alongside a team of professionals, she has been promoting women’s rights and equality in the business arena. She has done so until recently as a VP of the Bucharest branch of the National Confederation for Women Entrepreneurs (CONAF), but also as a general secretary of the National Association of Entrepreneurs (ANAA) and a member of the Employers Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (FPFA). She is also founding member of the Parents Association from „ION LUCA CARAGIALE” National College in Bucharest and director for regional development and cooperation of PADIR – Employers in the Beauty Industry in Romania.

Moreover, she is an expert in Diplomacy, Etiquette and Protocol, in European Affairs and the EU Normative System, in Cyber Security in the field of European affairs, in the use of plant protection products and a professional competencies evaluator enlisted in the National Registry of Evaluators in Romania.

She has been present in the entrepreneurial environment since 1992 and, in this context, she has proven her skills and efficiency in all regards. She has contributed to various collective projects, published and promoted by various institution.