What is PWN Romania's Mentoring Program

As a dynamic non-profit international network of professional women, the Global Professional Women’s Network uses the mentoring program as a tool to promote the professional progress of women in each phase of their career and helps them follow professional career paths.



Mentoring activity is a developmental partnership in which a person with relevant knowledge and experience (a mentor) shares knowledge and skills in order to support other people (a mentee) in their personal and professional development.


From an individual perspective, mentoring programs facilitate learning and mutual supporting relationships between the mentor and the mentee. The former contributes to the success of the latter by sharing lessons learned in the past and by providing insight into today’s business reality. In exchange, the mentor improves his communication skills and acquires professional recognition through the selection system. Essentially, the mentor provides professional potential development support, as well as access to professional networks which offer further opportunities. The mentee benefits of guidance in establishing and achieving professional goals. Therefore, he gains greater self-confidence and motivation.


Beyond the individual level, the mentoring program is beneficial also for organizations as it extends business networks and enhances business opportunities. It also improves strategic thinking in HR management (selection of high-potential employees, professional and personal development, more in-depth understanding of the organization).

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