For women entrepreneurs, PWN Romania is the ideal place for you to learn and share their experiences! At the same time, this is where you could get inspiration and mentoring, if you feel ready to make the big step into becoming an entrepreneur! Moreover, if you took a chance and you are in the start-up phase, we can also offer you support and coaching!

Our vision: Business opportunity. Remote support. Exposure.

We strongly believe that the women entrepreneurs from PWN Romania can extensively benefit from the association’s inner capital knowledge and from PWN Global network’s exposure. Moreover, they can become an inspiration for women outside our organization.

Toolkit for Beginner Entrepreneurs

The program targets women entrepreneurs in general, both PWN members and non-members, however, membership status is compulsory for enrolment. It consists of 13 seminars that provide the basic knowledge to becoming an entrepreneur:

·       Strategy aspects

·       Legal aspects of the business

·       Operational management

·       Tax and accounting aspects

·       Personal Branding

·       Online & Social Media strategy

·       Marketing aspects

·       Sales strategy

·       The negotiation processes

·       Financing solutions

·       The Business Plan

·       Business plans presentations & input

The Toolkit has run for 6 editions so far, incumbing more than 100 hours of volunteer work, more than 30 speakers and over 100 participants. The seventh edition of the Toolkit will begin this fall, in an online format – to ensure the safety of all our participants – and will adapt the content of its curriculum to address the challanges generated by the pandemic crisis for entrepreneurs.

Networking events

We encourage sharing and networking through business events within and outside the community. We also invite Top Romanian entrepreneurs to share their experience and knowledge with the PWN Romania community.

With the help of the Membership Experience team we have also designed networking events on relevant issues for women in Romania, where the PWN Romania members could meet specialists in different areas – Women Get Together – and where the women of PWN could get in contact with leaders in various fields – Inspiring Leadership Moments. 

The PWN Virtual Entrepreneurship Program 2017, certified by the EU Business School

This is an 8-month program covering aspects such as: personal needs, values, wellbeing and health, how to move forward with an idea and to develop an unique business model, strategies and competencies, marketing and sales, and how to take the business to the next level finding the right partner.

PWN Romania is involved in this project alongside other PWN City Networks - Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Geneva, Munich, Vienna.

Join and meet us within networking events and discover the power of a strong community!

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